At EndesignStudio, LLC, we believe that today’s consumers are a new breed of digital fiends that require new forms of marketing platforms and tactics to entice them. For this reason, we develop the type of digital eye candy that consumers choose to engage with, and in so doing, we save a few trees along the way.

Established in 2006, EndesignStudio began as a small design firm in Chicago that specialized in graphic design and web development. Client services ranged from print design to HTML emails and hand-coded static web sites. As the web came to be the single most engaging form of marketing for most companies, EndesignStudio’s services evolved to encompass all types of digital marketing—from web development to video production as well as mobile application user interface design and development strategy.

Today, EndesignStudio’s core service offerings include web site development (using content management systems such as WordPress), search engine optimization, video production and editing, mobile web site development, mobile application user interface design, HTML email marketing and social network marketing. We are your one-stop-shop for “all things digital media”. We also like to demystify the web content management process and turn the keys over to you and or your company. With extremely robust content management systems out there such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla the content updating process has become as easy as using word processing applications. If you don’t have the time or bandwidth to update your content, we will happily work with you to figure out a content management and SEO maintenance plan that works best and within your budget.